Roots To Wine

  • capay valley

    Capay Valley

  • TurkovichVineyard

    Winters, CA

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    Capay Valley Vineyards

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    Capay Valley Festival

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    Sunset at Matchbook Wine Co.

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    Dunnigan Hills

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    Seka Hills

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    Seka Hills Tasting Room

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    Vines in the Foothills

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    Simas Family Vineyard

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    Turkovich Tasting Room

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    Winters, CA

Welcome to the Wine Country of Western Yolo County.

Roots to Wine is comprised of a group of small, mostly family-run wineries from Capay Valley, Dunnigan Hills, and Winters. Our wineries have joined together to promote the quality wine being produced in our regions as well as the available tourism experiences celebrating the region's rich agricultural history. Representatives from Berryessa Gap Vineyards, Capay Valley Vineyards, Matchbook Wine Company,  Simas Family Wines, Turkovich Family Wines, Taber Ranch Vineyard & Event Center and Séka Hills have come together to promote wine grape growers and wine producers from the western reaches of Yolo County.

Roots to Wine offers travelers and visitors from the Bay Area, the Central Valley and neighboring states scenic routes through its verdant wine country. The area is surrounded by fields and farms producing quality organic food and dotted with charming small towns where local restaurants often feature local products.